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Choosing a parasite product that fits your lifestyle

SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® provide 5-in-1 parasite protection in a formulation that is convenient and safe for use in households with children. In fact, SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® have everything that parents with children and pets are looking for:

  • Convenience of combined heartworm, roundworm, hookworm (A. caninum), whipworm and flea protection in just one product
  • Confidence that proper dosing is achieved due to oral tablet formulation
  • Ease of administration with beefy-flavored tablets
  • Cleanliness of no-odor, no-mess application
  • Safety of parasite protection that can't rub off onto children or wash off of pets and leaves no messy residues behind
  • Protection that contains the active ingredient (milbemycin oxime) that is most trusted by veterinarians for use in their own pets*


SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® are the clean, convenient way for parents to protect their pets from the five most common parasites in just one easy step. And SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® also help parents protect their children and families from the threat of zoonosis. SENTINEL® Flavor Tabs® contain the active ingredient milbemycin oxime, which complies with Centers for Disease Control recommendations to help reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases.**

Dogs must be tested for heartworm prior to use. In a small percentage of treated dogs, digestive, neurological and skin side effects may occur. Please see full product insert for more information.

Data on file, Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.

**Recommendations for Veterinarians: How to Prevent Transmission of Internal Roundworms from Pets to People, Atlanta, GA. Centers for Disease Control. Association of Veterinary Parasitologists. January 1999. Guidelines brochure.

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