Poisoning is much easier to prevent than to treat. And it never has to happen in the first place. Just remember:

  • Never feed your dog chocolate.
  • Always consult the veterinarian before giving your dog any over the counter medicine.
  • Prevent your dog from gaining access to rat poison, other rodenticides, and household insecticides.
  • Read and follow herbicide (weed or grass killer) instructions regarding the length of time pets must be kept away from treated areas.


If you suspect your dog has ingested a poisonous substance, call your veterinarian immediately.

For HUMAN Ingestion of a Novartis Animal Medication ONLY they should contact Missouri Regional Poison Center Emergency at 866-333-7319

For PET Overdose of a Novartis Animal Health Product contact Novartis Animal Health Technical Services (8 AM – 5 PM EST) 800-332-2761.  If after hours contact the ASPCA at 800-345-4735.

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